GlobalX – Former Edwin Hotel

GlobalX – Former Edwin Hotel

IN Historic Preservation
Investor Name:
Global X
Published Date:
January , 2009
Cleveland , OH
12,000 s/f
Sandvick Architects
About Project

The building, located at 1303 Prospect Avenue, was once known as the Edwin Hotel, built in the late 1800’s by developer Joshua E. Hall.  Joshua Hall developed four buildings on Prospect Avenue.  This building is one of  two surviving buildings.

GlobalX (GBX Group) purchased the 12,000 sq. ft. building for their expanding tax credit consulting business.  The owners wanted to renovate a historic building for their headquarters using tax credits promoting their successful business.

The condition of the building was poor. The building consists of three floors and a basement and had undergone numerous transformations over the last 100 years, the latter being an office building with various tenant spaces.  The center of the building had been cut out to create a corridor of nature light from the roof to the first floor for tenants and a small passenger elevator was installed toward the front.  The original building had been added to several times with oddly constructed additions.  The biggest concern was the lack of maintenance of the building.  The roof and upper floors were severly damaged with hazardous conditions so much so, we immediately installed a temporary support system to hold up the roof and third floor prior to starting construction.

The project utilized Historic Tax Credits, Historic Preservation Easement, City of Cleveland’s Vacant Property Initiative and Green standards to comply with the City of Cleveland’s program.  All these requirements were the responsibility of Greater Cleveland Construction to carefully administer and document properly for GlobalX to obtain funding.

Project renovation was a total gut and rehab of the building to include:  roof replacement, restoration of skylights, masonry repairs on the structure at the building facade and parapets, removal of graffitti on exterior masonry walls, wood flooring replacement, construction of new offices, window replacement,  new restrooms, new electrical, new HVAC and well-appointed finishes.  The building was designed for one owner occupancy with prestigious offices, posh conference rooms, luxcious lobby areas, a substainial upscale lunch room and  converting the rear addition into a small car garage.

There were challenges in performing exterior renovations to the building with a tight downtown site especially when working to replace roofing, skylights and repair masonry.  Yet another challenge when owners requested the removal of a support column in the third floor conference room which was achieved by relocating the column and securing the structure rat.

The Edwin Hotel Building Renovation was awarded the Downtown Development Award by the Downtown Cleveland Alliance in 2009.